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How do I create a donation campaign?
How do I create a donation campaign?
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  1. Ensure the Donations module is enabled on your site. Click here to view the guide on how to do this.

  2. Click Donations in the navigation menu (at the top of the page).

  3. Click Create Campaign.

  4. Choose a header image by clicking Change Image. This will be used as the main image for the campaign when it appears in the overview page, and on the timeline.

  5. Click What's the title of your donation campaign? and enter a title.

  6. Click Write something... and enter any additional information you want to include, like a description or details of the campaign.

  7. While writing this main content, you will see a toolbar appear above your text. Select any text and click one of the buttons to make text bold, italic, underlined. You can also create a header (slightly larger text), and a bulleted list.

  8. If you'd like to add an image to your content, click Add Image on the toolbar. This opens the image picker, which is pre-populated with stock images free for you to use. Alternatively, if you'd like to use an image you already have on your computer, click Upload Image. Once you've chosen the image, click Use this image.

  9. On the right, enter a short summary to be shown on the overview page. We recommend a sentence or two to briefly explain the campaign.

  10. Choose the type of donation campaign.
      •  Church — a campaign to raise money for the church directly (e.g. roof repairs).
      •  Outreach — a campaign to raise money for causes outside the church (e.g. a soup kitchen).

  11. Choose whether to allow recurring donations.
      •  Yes — allow donors to donate automatically every month, should they wish to.
      •  No — donors can donate as often as they wish, but must do so manually. By choosing this option, you can specify a date the campaign will end, and also an amount that you'd like to raise (a goal).

  12. If you choose not to allow recurring donations, you can select an end date (Collection duration), or allow the campaign to run indefinitely.
      •  If you'd like to specify an end date, click Until this date, then click the calendar icon to specify the date that the campaign will end.

  13. If you choose not to allow recurring donations, you can specify a goal (Collection goal) amount that you'd like to raise. Please note that once this goal is reached, people can still donate until the end date is reached.
      •  If you'd like to specify a goal, click Set a goal, then click to the right of the currency symbol and type the amount you'd like the goal to be.

  14. Click Create Campaign. The donation campaign will be created and your church members will see a post on their timeline.

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